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On RESERVATIONS.COOL you can find many properties. By clicking on the photo of the property you have chosen you will be automatically transferred to the OFFICIAL website of the property. Here you can find out more about the structure you have chosen, then book from the booking system that you will find on the site. However, if you click on INSTANT BOOKING, you will be taken directly to the booking system of the facility's OFFICIAL SITE. In both cases you will get THE BEST PRICES you can find. You are booking the property directly without intermediaries.


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Do you have your favorite locations? Or maybe you would like to find here absolutely new experience for you? Look to our offerts


Check availability

This website will bring you directly to the calendar/ or request form of the structure which did you like. Enter the date of your check-in and check-out and check availability.


Bok it online

If you have found a structure you like, and the dates have been selected and are available, you can immediately make your reservation online.

Our Video Tutorials

In this section you can find all our video tutorials where it is explained how advantageous it is to book directly with us and therefore with the owners of the structures directly.

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